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RMC's Mission Statement - The Mission of Recreational Music Center (RMC) is to cultivate the joy of making music through relevant, cutting edge teaching methods, making them available to everyone regardless of financial resources or other barriers. RMC is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation (Tax Id# 90-0603019). RMC's Vision - RMC’s vision is that arts education will evolve into a more innovative, engaging, inspiring, and financially sustainable endeavor for teachers, students, and arts education supporters now and in generations to come because RMC provided a replicable model for music education in the 21st century. RMC provides a variety of music programs for all ages, including private lessons on any instrument, early childhood music and movement classes, group classes, special workshops, and ensembles for youth and adults. Our talented faculty believe in the importance of finding the type of music that appeals most to the student in order to achieve the best results. This commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of music education is fueled by the belief and first-hand observations that the trajectory of a person’s life can be significantly altered by the power of music both emotionally and cognitively. For young children under the age of six, neural pathways (directly linked to higher IQ) are still forming. Music is one of the only activities that can simultaneously stimulate all key areas of the developing brain including, physical, social and emotional, cognitive, language and literacy. With teenagers and young adults, music can also have a profound affect on the brain and their personal development. Recent findings suggest that the brain does not fully mature until the early twenties. In our work with this age group we have most frequently observed the power of music to elevate mood, instill a sense of pride, overcome difficulties and build community. To this end, RMC has formed strategic partnerships with such entities as the Monarch School, San Diego Juvenile Court Community School (JCCS), Alternative Schools for Learning, Behavior, and Attitude (ALBA), Urban Corps, and San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). RMC has provided outstanding and meaningful programming to some of the most vulnerable youth populations in San Diego County.



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