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We have the unique space for any occasion from holding a company meeting followed by a cocktail reception in our private indoor banquet room to hosting a small dinner for 20 or a grand event for 500 of your closest friends. Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station offers eight distinct, yet equally beautiful, private spaces with custom menus and personalized service ensuring your next special event is as amazing as you envision.


We use in-season, locally, regionally, and organically grown produce. We do this not just for the simple principles of freshness and sustainability, but also because fresh, local and organic product tastes better. It’s also better for you and the world in which we live. It should not be surprising to hear that we also use 100 percent naturally raised meats. We wholeheartedly believe that these strict quality standards are well worth the price. Greg Koch and Steve Wagner, co-founders of Stone Brewing Co., have been involved in the International Slow Food Movement since 2000. Slow food promotes getting “back to the table” and celebrates artisanal, natural and old-world approaches to food. At Stone, we celebrate our love of all things culinary by drawing freely from cultures and dishes from all over the world. We also celebrate all things local, and have an amazing selection of regional beers, wine, produce, meats, breads and cheeses. We do not serve any industrial adjunct beers (aka “fizzy yellow beers”) as they do not represent the best in beers, in our opinion. Instead of generic orange-colored cheese varieties, we select flavorful artisanal cheeses. We are 100% high-fructose-corn-syrup free, as we don’t think that ANYTHING that uses cheap sold-by-the-drum sweetener tastes as good as food and drink that’s made with actual real, natural sugar.

“No, we’re not health nuts, we’re quality nuts!”

Stone is proud to be the largest restaurant purchaser of local, organic and small-farm produce in San Diego County. We’re picky about everything on the menu, so we also choose ethically-raised meats and select our seafood according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program. Yeah, it’s not cheap industrialized commodity stuff, but we feel that opting out of the factory food system benefits you, the farmers, and the planet.

You are definitely worth it.

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2816 Historic Decatur Rd
San Diego, CA 92106

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