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Here at Your Optimal Health Chiropractor, we take your brain health very seriously. Dr. McLaine know firsthand about the changes that can happen with a TBI or mTBI. Dr, McLaine is a TBI survivor who has been for a ride on the medical merry-go-round and knows what it is like to experience a near-fatal brain injury.

Dr. McLaine spent over 18 months out of work in 2009 after he was nearly killed by his brain injury during a violent domestic dispute that he intervened in. During his recovery, Dr. McLaine found his passion for helping other survivors and other who have been injured recover their lost health. He embarked on a 5 year journey that included becoming a Holistic Health Coach, Doctor of Chiropractic, Functional Neurology post-graduate student, Functional Medicine specialist, and functional bio-mechanics.

Dr. McLaine also understands the confusing world of autoimmunity and teaches his patients about gardening their way to a healthy inner ecosystem as a way to restore your optimal health. Dr. McLaine lives with Celiac Disease and knows how to teach patients to navigate the treacherous gluten-free living world.

Dr. McLaine utilizes lab analysis and stool samples to assess his patient's overall health. Underlying metabolic, endocrine, immune, and psychological dysfunction are vital to creating your optimal health.

Dr. McLaine believes strongly in evaluating his patient's functional bio-mechanics by using a sophisticated 3D digital imaging system to capture accurate and precise assessments of you while you stand and while you walk.

To start your transition to your optimal health today for Fork's sake.


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