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Metron, Inc.

Metron is a scientific consulting company dedicated to solving challenging problems in national defense through the development and application of advanced mathematical methods. Problem solutions are realized in computer software with graphical interfaces that allow a user to understand and act on the results without having to comprehend the intricacies of the models themselves. Metron's employees are leaders in their technical fields who have made the commitment to solve real-world problems. They excel in statistical inference, operations research, physical modeling, and software development. Our success depends upon recruiting and retaining the best talent available in the fields of applied mathematics, physics, and computer science. At Metron, we believe that employees should combine their innate talent with a willingness to work on challenging problems and to extend their knowledge to other disciplines. This philosophy allows us to create a team-based approach to problem solving and product development that has been highly successful. The company is organized into five divisions serving clients in the greater Washington, DC and San Diego, CA areas: Advanced Mathematics, Applications (Virginia), Computing & Engineering Technologies for Unmanned Systems (Virginia), Systems & Analysis (Virginia), Operations Analysis & Simulation Sciences (California), Operations Research & Cyber Analysis (California).

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2750 Dewey Rd
San Diego, CA 92106

(858) 792-8904

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