Lisa Elizabeth Fine Art

Following a rewarding military career as a Coast Guard rescue pilot, I returned to school and received a degree in art studio and art history. My approach to painting is physical and process-based. Through subconscious autonomy and by “breaking rules” I abstract memories into my paintings. I build the surface, excavate, and apply transparent layers—all of which speak to an intuitive and unique visual vocabulary. The narrative is left up to the viewer, with each detail in my work a satisfying discovery. Although I began this fulfilling journey in Sonoma County, I am currently located in San Diego, and find the Arts District at Liberty Station a perfect fit!  

I consider the following quote by Seth Godin as a guiding and aspirational artistic vision: "Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient. The medium doesn't matter. The intent does. Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another".  

My hope is that my artwork reaches into the hearts and minds of the community, and evokes warmth and joy. 

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2690 Historic Decatur Rd
San Diego, CA 92106


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