Jeremy's Vision

Jeremy Sicile-Kira is an intuitive artist and paints private commissions. He meets clients in person at his art studio, or via facetime and skype or zoom. Jeremy "reads" and paints the emotional and spiritual essence of his clients. Then, he paints the individual's beautiful colors into a bright and abstract portrait, so they can see their inner beauty. Jeremy's hope is that his painting will inspire his clients every day to live a life based on their positive and wonderful attributes, and to realize the possibility they have to create the life they want. Jeremy provides a description of the colors to the client. Jeremy paints individuals, but also couples, families, even pets.


Currently, Jeremy is unable to access his art studio to paint. However, if you are interested in an aura reading of your emotional and spiritual essence, this can be arranged over facetime or skype, and he can provide you with a description of your colors for a fee. If you are interested in a portrait at a future time, he would be happy to paint it for you (fee would apply towards a painting).

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2770 Historic Decatur Rd; Building 14
Suite # 208
san diego 92106