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A few years ago, a few friends got together and dreamed. What would it look like to create a community where people were able to do what they loved? A place where the creative community was encouraged and developed? So began, Moniker Group.   I remember meeting these friends (Ryan, Mingo, Jon, James G. and James P.) and it was so clear that each one of them had very specific talents and were each so passionate about pursing their dreams and helping their friends do the same. Moniker was this dream team that allowed all of these friends to function right in their wheelhouse. There has always been something so whimsical and wonderful about the whole operation. These guys saw that there was a potential to make San Diego better. On a more personal level, they saw that they could create a more intentional community based around common interests (something that was, at the time, missing in San Diego). They started by making creative installations for conferences like Catalyst, Ideation and Not For Sale (to name a few), building out of the Jedidiah Warehouse and Ryan’s garage.
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