HISTORY IS BEST EXPERIENCED. HISTORY IS BEST EXPERIENCED UNEXPECTEDLY. ____________________________________________ Just as the young recruits came to the Naval Training Center (NTC) to begin a journey, a journey marked by personal transformation that came from serving something larger than themselves, similarly, The Barracks guests will also be given an opportunity to join a movement larger than themselves. A movement inspired by the building's historical roots but also inspired by a new story, a story of a transformation and rebirth. A new district, devoted to offering residents and guests with an opportunity to take on the remarkable task of creating something personal and then offering it to the world. Artists use bravery, vulnerability, insight, creativity and boldness to challenge the status quo. An artist takes it personally; the work, the process and the feedback from those with whom we seek to connect. Art is personal. Art is what it is to be human. Read more about The Barracks Hotel project at The San Diego TribuneĀ