Show your love for Liberty Station during the annual Orchids & Onions! Organized by the San Diego Architectural Foundation, Orchids & Onions is an interactive, community-based educational and fundraising program highlighting architectural projects in our community. Nominated by San Diego locals, Orchids are awarded to projects that exemplify outstanding architecture, planning and urban design. 

Here are 3 easy ways to help Liberty Station receive the coveted People’s Choice Award:

1. Recommend: At the bottom of the nomination, click on the small heart and recommend us! It won’t show up on your personal social media, it’s just a little love-tap to the Orchid & Onion Organization. 

2. Comment: Tell us WHY you love us! Each nomination has a comment area at the bottom, so don’t be shy. 

3. Share: Help us spread the word and share the nomination to all your friends, family, high school classmates and former co-workers on social media.