Eater San Diego has put together a top 10 List of what to know about Fireside by the Patio. Fireside by The Patio is gearing up to make its debut in Liberty Station; this latest project from The Patio Group has the talented Antonio Friscia on board as consulting chef. Here now is a sneak peek at the space as it puts on the finishing touches and a rundown of all the vital details you need to know.   1. As of this writing, the restaurant's official soft opening date is March 9. 2. The Patio Group's creative director, Bea Arrues, has designed the space in a bohemian style that should make it feel as though you're dining in the home of a world traveler — with comfortable couches, custom pillows created from rich tapestries and old world art pieces. 3. Most of Fireside's 350 seats are outside. There's a central dining area, but the majority of seating will span two large outdoor patios — options range from cozy two-tops to larger table setups, plus pillow-backed benches and day beds for lounging around the fire pit. 4. Most of the cooking will be done outdoors too. Each patio houses its own impressive cooking suite, stocked with custom pieces that range from yakitori grills to a wood fired pizza oven and wood powered Santa Maria-style grills/smoker ovens. The kitchens will use red and white oak and a variety of fruit and specialty wood for fuel. 5. For those who miss the Friscia's Gaslamp yaikitori spot, Gaijin, its former lead chef Fern Tran is back, with a menu of nine skewered proteins and vegetables plus rotating specials.