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Location 14


For the first eight to twelve weeks of training, a recruit learned how to be a sailor in basic training, known as boot camp. After initial training, recruits took a test and the higher their score, the more career choices they qualified for. When NTC opened in 1923, there were only four schools for training fleet personnel: radio, yeoman, bugler, and band. By the late ‘30s, as the Navy grew and more types of ships were developed, the need for more advanced and technical training arose. The number of specialized schools expanded to 41, and NTC bustled with action. Building 49 was once a machinery repair school, Building 36 was an air conditioning school, and Building 51 served as a foundry.

Did you know?
NTC was home to the Navy’s only chef school. Recruits were trained to prepare food for anywhere from a submarine to the White House. Some students specialized as pastry chefs, ice carvers, and culinary artists.

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