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Location 3

Sail Ho Golf Course

Every base needs a golf course! The Sail Ho Golf Course was built during the earliest days of the base. NTC’s first lieutenant, G.T. Campbell, thought that the recreational aspects of golf would benefit enlisted personnel and officers alike. The course began as a 4-hole link course and soon grew to include an 18-hole putting course.

The base’s first executive officer, Commander Edwin Burke Woodworth, approved construction of the course and enjoyed many hours of play there. After he passed away from cancer in 1932, his wife Nell had a bronze marker placed on a eucalyptus tree that was planted in his memory and spread his ashes beneath. Later, the Woodwards’ daughter had a bronze marker placed for her mother there as well. The tree still offers shade at the 8th green.

Did you know?
Golf great Sam Snead served as head pro at the course while he trained at NTC in 1942.

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