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We’re bringing holiday-themed art installations to our outdoor North and South Promenades, created by ARTS DISTRICT resident artists and in partnership with NTC Foundation. Inspired by the “Twelve Days of Christmas” chorale, the 12 installations will knit themes of unity and hope, a universal homage to a year defined by communal resiliency. 
Visitors are invited to embark on a self-guided tour to see each piece. Plus, snap a photo with your favorite installation, post to social media tagging @LibertyStation and using the hashtag #SaluteTheSeason, and be entered to win the following:
  • 20 lucky families who enter our social media contest will be chosen to participate in Santa Online Live, a one-hour, family friendly Zoom with Santa himself. Santa will address your children by name, take Christmas wishes, tell stories, and sing songs. He’ll also play age-appropriate holiday trivia and other fun games. Once chosen, winners will be contacted directly with event details
  • Other entries have the chance to score gift cards to Liberty Station eateries and shops
If your social media profile is private, feel free to direct message your entry to us on social media @LibertyStation. Winners will be chosen at random.
This free and open-to-the-public showcase will be on display Thanksgiving weekend through the new year. Happy Holidays!
North Promenade
Outside the Lens amplifies youth voices through photography, filmmaking and digital media art, catalyzing change within themselves, their community and the world. The artwork contains a QR code for more information on Together We Are, including photos and poetry created by youth ages 8-25 representing the diversity of San Diego. The portraits include line-drawing components, where
students use device and app-based editing modalities to hand draw elements to their photo composition, expressing their unique voice.
Art installation location: North Promenade in front of Barracks 3
Business location: Barracks 15
Plywood, acrylic, metal, varnish spray
The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is believed to have begun in 16th century Germany, where
families decorated trees with candies, pastries, berries and flowers to symbolize the coming of spring.
Today, Christmas tree ornaments can be passed on from generation to generation and often symbolize
important memories and milestones. This tree is decorated with ornaments depicting a landmark in Liberty Station or symbol of the Naval Training Center’s military history.
Art installation location: North Promenade in front of Building 15
Business location: Barracks 14
Acrylic on wood
Candlepower is illuminating power expressed in candles. During my five years as an artist in ARTS
DISTRICT Liberty Station, I have enjoyed five holiday seasons lit up by trees and lights and people laughing and telling secrets among the long corridors and the open fields of grass, fountains and tables.
Soft memories return this year, more than ever, of those lights and trees and secrets.
Here is to the courage and power and luminosity of our memories.
Art installation location: North Promenade in front of Barracks 4
Business location: Barracks 16
Acrylic mixed media
My inspiration is to help share the gifts of joy, gratitude and dancing in the streets - all in my signature
Artist Leslie Pierce style. The painting is a scene with silhouettes of heads gazing upon a holiday play.
My stylized Twiggy is featured in a Santa hat, there are hanging decorations. Mistletoe, a surfer on a sled, and an artist couple doing a JOY dance.
Art installation location: North Promenade in front of Barracks 16
Business location: Barracks 19
Preserved moss, Tom Barr’s Manzanita Wood, dragon stone, black mountain Seiryu stone, spider woods, sand, elephant skin stone, pebbles
Santa flying over moss wonderland made up of beautiful mountains, highland, prairie on a snowy night.
Art installation location: North Promenade in front of Barracks 5
Business location: Barracks 19
Milk Oolong Studio / Leah Schaperow
Pottery and acrylic paint
This scene tells the story of hiking into the canyons and national areas in San Diego. Native trees and
plants are woven through the scene using broken pottery to highlight small treasures found from looking closely at our surroundings.
Art installation location: North Promenade in front of Barracks 17
Business location: Barracks 19
South Promenade

Mingei International Museum / Jeremiah Maloney
Plywood, epoxy, LED lights, maple
A tribute to Mingei Movement, this piece is a borrowed design from one of the Japanese Noren (textile
that is hung in a doorway) from the collection of Mingei International Museum and adapted for the theme of this exhibit. I wanted to “Salute the Season” by remembering this quote from the founder of Mingei Movement, Dr. Soetsu Yanagi, “It is one of the virtues of beauty that has the power: to make one forget one’s self and so put an end to strife.”
Art installation location: South Promenade in front of Building 907
Business location: Building 201
Plywood and glass
As winter sets in during these unprecedented times, The Wishing Box brings light to the darkest of seasons… a time when shorter days and colder nights leave us wanting to sleep longer and find warmth in our hearts, in our families and in our homes. The Wishing Box is a small token of joy and hope for all who encounter it. Enjoy its glow and know that there is light at the end of the cycle of darkness.
Art installation location: South Promenade in front of Building 29
Business location: Building 176
VELTZ Fine Art / Colleen Veltz
Tactile acrylic painting on plywood, wreath of olive leaves, plywood box pedestal benches
Armistice, an agreement in which both sides agree to stop fighting, rather than a surrender. For both
sides, an armistice was the fastest way to end war’s misery and carnage. Armistice day is November 11.
Veterans Day is a fitting time for us to put aside our differences and come together for the holiday season.
Art installation location: South Promenade in front of Building 906
Business location: Barracks 16
Outdoor latex paint and metallic gold latex paint on wood
To celebrate the Season, my wish is for peace. I created the Peace Wreath with white doves and
poinsettias as an uplifting oversized holiday card for all who walk by. Gleaming gold PEACE lettering
emphasizes the importance of peace in this season and year-round.
Art installation location: South Promenade in front of Building 28
Business location: Barracks 19
Rekindle Pottery / Amber Schnitzius
Stoneware clay, glaze
Ornamental is a whimsical piece that incorporates the colors of the holiday season in a playful design
made from individual circular ceramic ornaments. From a distance, notice the movement created by the
shades of green and red. Up close, view the individual ornaments, each stamped with designs, favorite
holiday movie quotes and messages of positivity.
Art installation location: South Promenade in front of Building 905
Business location: Barracks 14
Computer graphics/Mixed media
Inspired by celebrated and iconic American women, A Feminist Feast invites viewers to celebrate
women whose accomplishments have made them household names. Featured on a large replica of a
holiday banquet menu are feminist takes on traditional dishes to make you smile.
Art installation location: South Promenade in front of Building 904
Business location: Barracks 16
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