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NTC Alumni Videos

2023 marks 100 Years of Liberty Station! The Centennial anniversary is not only a milestone for San Diego and its rich military history but also the celebration of a successful adaptive reuse project. Recognizing that Liberty Station is built on the grounds where 1.75 million recruits and 1 million school sailors once walked, is awe-inspiring.  Learn about the stories of past recruits that have gone through war, been captured as POWs, and went through boot camp at Liberty Station’s Naval Training Center. Their stories have left a legacy of honor on the grounds.

Lew Witherspoon

Alan Worthy

Rod Knutson

Del Rosario

Linda Elledge

Jack Ensch

Ed Marsh

David Dearie

Rudy Shappee

Bob Bekins

Ed Elliott

Tom Crosby

Ellie Leader

Toby Giesting

Ray Flores

Jerry Galbiso

Bob Coey

Kirby Daniel Horrell

Mark Tighe

Larry Baumann

Darren Galbiso

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