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Location 8

The 52 Boats Memorial

Walking tour sign is located in two locations at end of Dewey Road and Cushing and Roosevelt Road and Cushing

The 52 Boats Memorial at Liberty Station

This memorial gives tribute to honor the lives of more than 3500 American submariners lost in World War II. Two walkways cross the park which is lined with memorials that tell the history of each of the submarines that made a critical difference in the war in the Pacific. Each memorial tells the story of a particular Submarine and gives the names of those who gave their lives.


Each submarine memorial shows the name of the submarine, when it was launched, who was in command at the time, the circumstances of how it was lost, and most importantly the names and ranks of the souls who sacrificed their lives.

Planted behind each marker is an American Liberty Elm tree, an appropriate tree to stand in silent memorial to the men of the Submarine Force who gave their lives fighting to preserve our precious liberty.

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