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Tiny Pieces, Vast Visions - A Fiber Arts Exhibition

Tiny Pieces unites four contemporary art quilters, showcasing their mastery of the medium and the transformative power of “piecing.” Offering quilts that captivate with intricate detail and vast visuals, the artists invite viewers to explore the boundless possibilities of this traditional method turned dynamic art form.

Deb Cashatt’s “wonky,” intricately pieced, and slightly humorous work she calls “symbography” focuses on pictorial material or icons reminiscent of the graphics used in the computer world.

Susan Lapham’s Playland series captures vibrant, complex compositions using small fabric bits, depicting the exhilarating joy of exploring an amusement park, reflecting moments of friendship, thrill, and laughter.

Niraja Lorenz crafts stunning fabric compositions, employing thousands of fabric pieces that evoke multiple perspectives, drawing inspiration from celestial images for creations like “Edge of Chaos.”

Irene Roderick’s “Bloom,” initially conceived as a workshop sample, grew into a complex piece, drawing inspiration from a photograph of a sidewalk crack hosting a resilient flower, symbolizing the will to thrive against all odds.



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