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Succulent Dream Catcher Workshop

Learn how to weave a dreamcatcher web into a wreath and add succulents for a stunning wall hanging!
Materials are included in the class fee except for succulents. Please let us know in advance (order on our website) if you would like a succulent kit. We are allowing the option to source your own succulents since they are in abundance here!
This workshop is recommended for age 12+ or 7+ if accompanied by a participating adult. The price of the workshop is per wreath. If you’d like to come and work on a wreath with another person or your child, sign up for just one spot, and let us know that you have another person coming.
Optional Items to Bring for Customizing Your Dream Catcher (we also have lots of these items for you to use):
+ beads, jewels or buttons to string throughout the webbing or place in the center (the holes must be large enough that your string will thread through them, or bring some jewelry jump rings so you can attach them to the webbing after it’s woven).
+ something sturdy to hang your wreath (we use a thicker twine for this part, but you could use metal wire, thick ribbon, or something else of your liking).
+ string, thin ribbon, or succulents to attach to the bottom of the dreamcatcher (succulents that work well for this part: string of pearls, bananas, turtles).
If You Are Sourcing Your Own Succulents:
You’ll need at least 15 or so succulent cuttings, depending on size. Try to keep the stems as long as possible and bring more than you might need because sometimes they break, and if you want a very full look, you’ll need quite a lot of succulents for your wreath. We prefer to put the succulents near the bottom but you could fill the entire circle all the way around if you like. If filling all the way around, you will need about 4x the succulent cuttings.
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