Quarterly Goal Mapping with Dana Wing Lau and Rhianna Basore (Online)

Meets quarterly: May 1, August 7, November 6

Do you build a vision board every year but end up leaving it in your drawer?
Do you set the best of intentions on Jan 1 yet find yourself backsliding a week later?
Do you have more ideas than follow through?
Before you forget what your vision for 2021 is – let’s create some concrete steps for you to get closer to that vision and your best, future self.
You, meet Future You.
Quarterly Mapping with Dana Wing Lau and Rhianna Basore, trained artistic creators and multi-hyphenate powerhouses, are here to show you how to take that dream off the Vision Board and make it your life. These ladies will guide you to break down the process of goal setting and project mapping into a holistic approach that will serve both your left AND right brain. Chunking out the year into an easy 4 quarter system, they will help you get a handle on your responsibilities and dreams by fusing the best of intention setting, capitalizing on the gig economy, and feeding the creative muse. Through a variety of exercises – journaling, mapping, visualization, and some tough love questions, Rhianna and Dana will provide accountability and guidance to achieve goals big and small. With a sustainable approach to mindfulness, their framework will help you break down your next best steps and craft a clear, specific game plan so you can hold yourself accountable to become Future You.
Between the ‘Rise and Grind’ of hustle culture and the ‘You-do-You’ of the Artist’s Way, Dana and Rhianna discovered a sweet spot to align and activate the game changing moves to build the life of their dreams. They will offer options for whatever type of human you are: Type A, a feeler, a dreamer, a space cowboy, gangster of love, Maurice, you name it.
Let’s pave your way to a fulfilling 2021. Welcome, Future You.


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Dates and Times

  • Saturday, Nov 6, 2021 2pm to 5pm


San Diego Writers, Ink
2730 Historic Decatur Rd

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