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Portraits from the Anthropocene Part I : Body, Energy, Space, Time

WE Gallery is proud to introduce our inaugural exhibit,
Portraits from the Anthropocene Part I: Body, Energy, Space, Time.

In 2022, Wes Chester and Elizabeth Tobias partnered to form WE Gallery, a project based gallery rooted in the core belief that art and beauty possess an inherent power to uplift, enliven and transform humanity. WE projects are responsive to the emerging global dialog around human relations and the environment.

Body, Energy, Space and Time represent the fundamental aesthetics of dance. This exhibit explores the inextricable and conflicting relationship between the human body and the gravity of our footprint on the environment. We have entered into the “Anthropocene”—a new geologic era marked by the impact of human activity on the earth.

Against the backdrop of an increasingly endangered planet, this exhibit questions what it means to be a practicing artist in this time of global existential crisis. Working in a variety of media from painting to performance to video, these works express the hope that art can raise the discussion around a more ecologically sustainable future.

Portraits from the Anthropocene Part I is a project of WE Gallery presented in collaboration with San Diego Ballet and NTC Foundation, and will be exhibited in Mandell Weiss Gallery located in Dance Place.

Featured Artists:
Ellen Dieter
Shahla Dorfshan
Ajay Junious
Linda Litteral
Kathleen Kane Murrell
Kathy Nida
Katie Ruiz
Perry Vasquez

Photo Credit: Climate Change (2022), by Katie Ruiz



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