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(Online) Prompt Church: A Generative Writing Worship Service with Bernie Nofel

Praise be! Writers. This “call to workshop” is our literary version of Sunday Mass in which we’ll share communion with the page. Offered the fourth Sunday of each month, members of the congregation will respond to prompts that invite us to pen our petty penchants, fractious fragments, fabricated fictions, flights of fantasy, baffling or beautiful blasphemies—whatever might come and however it might arrive on the page. Under the gentle guidance of each month’s visiting liturgical leader, we’ll be encouraged to express in writing our poetic avowals, lyrical incantations, laudatory epithets, creative connections, celebratory declarations, grammatical gratitude, and prayers to the page.

Saints, sinners, non-believers, and writers of all denominations are invited to participate.

Candles will be lit and benevolent spirits summoned
Blessings will bestowed for all literary endeavors
Forgiveness will be given for all grammatical malefactions and syntactical misdeeds.
Miracles may occur/offerings accepted

May’s liturgical leader is the wonderful Bernie Nofel!


$10 for members, $15 for nonmembers

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