(Online) Prescriptive and Explanatory Nonfiction (Nonfiction Writing V) with Dean Nelson, Judy Reeves and Sandra Younger

Please note: Though this class is offered as part of the Certificate in Nonfiction Writing, there is no pre-requisite to join this class. All students, members, and nonmembers are encouraged to enroll.


You’ve learned a lot in this life—through education, exploration and experience. Now you’re eager to share your knowledge and wisdom to help others, perhaps even to leave a legacy. In this course, three established nonfiction authors will introduce you to the process of creating and publishing how-to, self-help and explanatory books and articles.

Session 1: What’s your story?
We’ll start by exploring your motivation and credentials. Why are you passionate about sharing this information? What makes you the best person to do it? Why should your readers trust your conclusions and advice? The answers may surprise you!

Session 2: What’s your point?
Next, we’ll take a close look at your concept. Not every idea is substantive enough to support a book or even an article. We’ll work to explore, evaluate and refine your thoughts about your topic.

Session 3: Who’s your audience?
Before you write, you’ll want to get clear on your market: Who needs this book and why? What’s already been written for them? What makes your message uniquely valuable?

Session 4: Structure and organization.
Next step: strategizing the best way to structure and organize your material so it’s easy for readers to absorb, remember and use. Whether an outline, mind-map or wall of sticky notes, you’re going to want some kind of blueprint to follow as you write.

Session 5: Writing the damn thing.
You can only think and plan for so long before you have to sit down and transfer your thoughts to the page. To get you going, we’ll do a little in-class writing and critiquing (lovingly of course), with an emphasis on reviewing basic writing and style principles.

Session 6: Getting it out there.
How do I get my book published? Do I need an agent? An editor? What’s in a book proposal? Should I self-publish? And if so, where do I start? This final session will answer all your questions about publishing.

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