(Online) Pacing: Keeping the Reader Engaged with Teresa Carpenter

Learn about pacing through scene and sequel. You’ll learn about the following in this informative online two-hour class!


– Goal: Sets up read expectations, gives the reader something to root for on behalf of the characters.

– Conflict: Road blocks, complications, and emotional hurdles. Oh my.

– Disaster: Establishes the importance of the goal. How badly does the character want their goal? Are they willing to fight for it?


– Dilemma: Reveals character motivation, growth or lack of growth.

– Decision: Redefines reader expectations and heightens the tension.

– Hook/resolution: Draws the reader into the next scene/chapter or resolves the story.

Hook your audience, avoid sagging middles, and wring emotion from your reader. You are invited to bring some favorite books to use as resource material.


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  • Thursday, Aug 5, 2021 6pm-8pm


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