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Mandell Weiss Gallery presents Women Work Together by Feminist Image Group

Please visit "Women Work Together" by the Feminist Image Group (FIG), a new exhibit exploring creative collaboration as a catalyst for change.

Artist pairs will create duets—new works of art that blend their individual ideas and styles. This collaborative process showcases the creative synergy between artists and serves as a powerful metaphor for cooperation as a social process. The underlying aim of this all-media project is to ignite a dialogue that fosters empathy, understanding, and the collective advancement of society.

Alessandra Moctezuma + Doris Bittar
Ann Olsen + Kim Niehans
Cindy Zimmerman + Hannah Johansen
Irene Abraham + Stacie Birky-Greene
Jane E Hindman + Judith Christensen
Jennifer Spencer + Susan Osborn
Kathi McCord + Kathleen Mitchell
Kathy Nida + Moya Devine
Kirsten Aaboe + Mary Pennell
Minnie Valero + Linda Litteral
Momilani Ramstrum + Therese Rossi

Image by Linda Litteral



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