Keep the Memoir Going: Advanced Critique with Thomas Larson

So, you have a good 100 pages or more of your memoir—be it about a loss, a love, a place, a phase, or a spiritual experience. And now you’re thinking: How do I keep it going? Where is it/should it be going? What will it take to finish it? Though you may feel like you’re in a dinghy out at sea, you’re not alone. Here’s the class for you: Keep the Memoir Going: Advanced Critique.

Our goal is to find what’s working in those 100 pages (and extend them) and what’s not working (and cut them). How do we know what to look for? As the instructor, I will, in a first session, outline how to identify and emphasize four main elements of memoir: three types of narrative structure; the writer as author and narrator; the characterization of others; and one’s self-disclosure. Each week I will expand on these elements in critiques of each student’s work.

Over six sessions, each participant will have 50 pages critiqued by class members and me twice, a total of 100 pages. We will write our reviews prior to class and discuss them in class. Maximum of eight writers.


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