Introduction to Screenwriting with David Raines (Online)

Have you ever watched a movie, been fascinated by the intricacies of its plot, been swept away by its scope, engrossed by the drama, excited by the dialogue, and thought to yourself, “I could have written that”? Well, I believe you can.
My 4-week class is designed for anyone who has ever had an idea for a screenplay and wondered what makes a great script into a successful film.

Do you know what separates a spec script from a production script or a shooting script? How a screenplay differs from other forms of writing? When to follow the “rules” of a screenplay, when to break them, and why?

Join me as we wade through the ins-and-outs of screenwriting, the elements that comprise a successful screenplay, and how to identify these elements in successful scripts and movies.

You will learn:

Why structure is important, not just in film but in any art form
The basics of the storytelling arc
The importance of character to a strong narrative
How to craft interesting dialogue unique to each character
Multi-character narratives that break the typical mainstream structure
The importance of formatting
How to use plot devices to enhance your story

“Better than the introductory class on screenwriting that I took from UCLA. No joke!”

–Christine Yee

“The most supportive and inspiring instructor I have ever met.“–Aida Bohm


“Learning the craft of screenwriting is no easy feat, but David’s class helps to convert theory into practice.”

–Tessa Maddox


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