Freelance Writing 101 with Felicia Campbell

Working as a freelance writer comes down to three things: the story, the pitch, and your professionalism. Those are the elements that will be covered in this class.

You have a great story to tell—a narrative history of a prominent building downtown, an inside scoop on the best places for a gin cocktail by the sea, or a personal story that speaks to a larger, human theme. But, what’s the hook? Why should an editor run your story now? We will discuss what makes a good story and how to create a sense of urgency for the editor to publish your story.

The next questions you should be asking yourself are, who is my audience and what is the right publication to share my story? There may be one perfect place for your story to run, but as a freelancer, it is best to cast a wide net. But, this doesn’t mean sending the same story outline to all the prospective publications in town. You can write a very different pitch for the exact same story concept, depending on who the publication’s audience (soon-to-be your audience) is. We’ll take some time in class to practice this skill.

Having a great story and the perfect places to publish it are essential, and those two elements alone could get your first feature in print. However, to land regular assignments, there are some writer-editor rules of etiquette that can make you a dream to work with, or a total nightmare, and thus, someone they come back to for future assignments. We will go through the essential dos and don’ts in class.

At the end of this workshop, you will be armed with the tools you need to craft sell-able stories and pitch those stories for publication with confidence.

Bring a laptop or a pen and paper to write with, a favorite magazine or tabloid, and plenty of story ideas.

Felicia Campbell has worked as a print and digital editor for magazines and newspapers all over the world, including Saveur magazine in New York, Times of Oman in Muscat, and Phoenix New Times in Arizona, and is currently the executive digital editor at Edible San Diego. She is a contributing freelance writer for various publications, including Departures, Saudi Aramco World, Eater, and Food52 and is the author of the award-nominated cookbook and culinary history, “The Food of Oman: Recipes and Stories from the Gateway to Arabia”(Andrews McMeel, 2015).

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