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Exhibition Opening and Artist Talk 'street smart' by C. Fodoreanu

Cornel/Henry Art in ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station is pleased to present the exhibition ‘street smart’ by artist C. Fodoreanu with an accompanying artist talk on Friday, December 6 at 7:00pm. The photographic series ‘street smart’ is the artist’s ongoing project documenting Southern California’s youth hardened by daily struggles from gang violence to divided families but despite their troubles they have a majestic, towering beauty. Hear the artist speak and meet the youth behind his photographs.

C. Fodoreanu’s themes revolve around the human condition - a consequence of his educational background in medical science and philosophy. This year C. Fodoreanu received a Local Talent art visionaries award and the 2019 Award Winner award from Art San Diego.

The artist talk coincides with First Friday ARTS DISTRICT from 5:00-9:00pm, San Diego’s largest monthly innovative arts event. ‘street smart’ runs from November 1-December 22, 2019 at Cornel/Henry Art.



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