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AROUND THE WAY GIRL, First Friday preview

For a First Friday exclusive, come join Delana Delgado on the first night of her first solo show exhibit! Delana will be present from 5:30-7:30 pm to talk all about her process, inspirations, and the meaning behind her artistry. Bring friends or come alone to explore Delgado's documentary-style photos exploring traditions of Black and Latine femininity, womanhood, and community in 35 mm photography and collage.

AROUND THE WAY GIRL is Delgado’s first solo exhibition and represents a small selection from an ongoing series that has grown out of a years-long journey of reconnecting to her own body, gender expression, and culture. These intimate portraits seek to capture subjects beyond skin-deep beauty, peering into their commitment to preserving legacies of feminine power and practicing self-care in the face of pressure to tone down and assimilate. Her subjects are diosas, goddesses walking amongst us who inspire how she wants to show up in the world: whole and worthy. Author Jillian Hernandez dubs these looks Aesthetics of Excess, practices influenced by the specific intersections of race, class, and colonial impact in Black and Latine communities. Delgado’s personal participation in and reverence for this subculture allows her to thoughtfully capture the cultural aesthetics of those to whom the Beauty Supply is sacred, lipliner is mandatory, and no one leaves the house without their hard-earned jewelry collection on display.



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