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The Neighborhood

Teach. Shape. Send.

Education has always been a defining principle throughout Liberty Station’s history, and it remains at the foundation of where it is today. Just as the NTC Shaped young boys into men, the education system at Liberty Station molds children into world leaders, innovators and the future generation.

Here at Liberty Station, we believe it isn’t enough to just teach, ultimately we must send our students out into the world to grow and make their mark. Therefore we strive to not only educate them but to shape them into well rounded and responsible individuals who will continue the NTC’s legacy of influencing the world for the better.

The residence at Liberty Station inspire and promote connection, walkability, and urban living. It is a place of the people for the people. A community where family and friends can learn, live, and serve one another, together. It is not just where San Diego resides, it is where it lives.

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