San Diego Writers, Ink

San Diego Writers, Ink offers classes, groups, workshops, readings and other literary events at The Ink Spot and other locations throughout San Diego County.

San Diego Writers, Ink, nurtures writers and fosters a literary community by

  • Serving as a hub for the literary community
  • Promoting literature
  • Providing artistic development for writers at all levels, and
  • Facilitating artistic collaboration

We always have something going on:  new classes are being added weekly, we have multiple read and critique groups (which might have an opening for your work), plus a book club, meetings, readings, and writing practice groups offering prompts.

Check out our website for more information.

Email with any questions.

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Upcoming Events


10/29 Time in Memoir—A Chronology of Its Own with Judy Reeves

10/15 Temperamental Poetry: A Making & Mending Workshop with Amie Whittmore

09/24 Turn Your Travel Mementos Into An Artistic Journal Collage with Maggie Espinosa

09/23 The Artist’s Way with Kristen Fogle and Lydia Lea Real

2017-09/17 Navigating the Social Media World For Beginners with Maggie Espinosa

09/16 Tell Me a Story—Using the Techniques of Fiction to Craft a Compelling Memoir with Judy Reeves

09/14 The Art of the Personal Essay with Molly Larson Cook

08/27 Insights for Actors: Creating a Character with Mark Stephen of Proud Mouse

08/26 Flash Fiction with Lisa Kessler

08/19 - Novel IV: Plot & Structure with T. Greenwood

How to Create a Podcast with Adam Greenfield

Short Stories: Structure and Suspense with Cornelia Feye

08/12 - How to Start a Novel with Jennifer Lane

A Few Hours of Billy Collins and Raymond Carver with Molly Larson Cook

08/10 The Crime Novel: A Workshop with Aaron Philip Clark

08/06 Character Development Workshop with Cornelia Feye

08/05 How to Create Your One-Person Show with Brenda Adelman

Join the Writers’ Community and Connect with Readers with Penn Wallace

Third Hour Poems – Poem-Making with Jim Moreno

As Painting, So Poetry (Ut pictura poesis) with Jeanine Webb

07/29 FREE Intro to Writing a One-Person Show with Brenda Adelman

Build Your Author Brand with Penn Wallace

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