Guitars in the Classroom

Our non-profit educational organization was founded in 1998 as an experimental program with the Santa Cruz Community Music School. The experiment proved fruitful and we were “adopted” by the San Francisco Foundation Community Initiatives Fund for many years, until our programs exceeded the geographical range of the SFFCIF, and we got out on our own. In 2007, we became our own non-profit.

TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! – GITC (or “git-see” for short) provides free music integration classes for educators and school staff working with children of all ages in educational settings. We show teachers how to make music, lead music for learning and how to write songs with students in order to enhance and deepen their learning experience in every subject area. Participants also learn how to select or create songs that fit into the lessons they plan to teach. Learning to sing and play guitar is a core part of the training and leading students in singing, songwriting are equally important. GITC classroom teachers also learn effective ways to arrange songs for satisfying musical participation. Integrating music helps students learn everything from English and math, to science, physical education, social studies, visual arts and more!

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