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Which is why FARM Creative Market & Art School was built to be anything but. At FARM, creativity grows thanks to a fresh collection of innovative, exciting and (dare we say) fun classes, workshops and events spanning both digital and traditional arts. Young or old, pro or newbie, work or recreation, pencil or pixel, your creative seeds will flourish at FARM.

“FARM” originated from the concept of cultivating creativity – because creativity isn’t just something you buy off Amazon…you have to seed, grow and harvest it. Also, farms blend nature and nurture – that’s what FARM does, too, but with creativity being the crop instead of apples and cows. Creativity is in all of us (nature). With the right environment and care (nurture), that creativity can blossom big time. As for the rest of our name, “Creative Market” is about being a place where people obtain and exchange creative experiences – a hub of sorts. “Art School”…well, that’s pretty self-explanatory, right?

DIGITAL ART: Pixels, code, hardware, software – technology is an expansive canvas and tool for generating vast amounts of wow-worthy creativity and unlocking new forms of modern expression and interaction. FARM’s drool-worthy digital setup is the right environment to upgrade your brain. Adobe Programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc), photography, 3D printing, web design/development, programming, design, audio/music, and more are in the works.

TRADITIONAL ART: FARM believes “traditional” doesn’t have to mean boring. Sure, we’re all used to pixels, monitors, keyboards, and mice…but when you unplug your hands, remarkable things can happen. Traditional art helps cultivate expression, patience, individuality, mindfulness, and foundational design principles. Drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed-media, charcoal, crafts, and more are in the works.

OTHER CREATIVE STUFF: You know, this ‘n’ that…random creative things to do where you might learn a thing or two but mainly will have a fun time with other fun people. FARM is also available for private parties and events, either just as a venue or if you want FARM to help host an activity.

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