Arts District

ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station is hosting a Free Outdoor Film Series running through October. The 2017 Series features films that spotlight “Heroes of the Arts on Film”. Learn more


Check out Friday Night Liberty on the first Friday of every month from 5-9 pm, this is San Diego’s biggest monthly art walk! Meet working artists, enjoy dance, theatre and music performances, visit museums and galleries and explore the growing District. Learn more


Whatever you are looking for, Liberty Station has it. Whether it’s brushing up on the local art scene, catching the latest dance performance or a must-see movie, even grabbing dinner and drinks with friends. One thing is clear, Liberty Station is where San Diego lives. It’s always changing, evolving and inviting guests to explore all the things that make it unique.


This is the place where artists can showcase their craft in either art, performance, design, fashion, culinary deliciousness, and even beer. It is a hub for growth, innovation, and inspiration promoting connection, creativity and community.


Learn more about the community programs in The Arts District and ways you can support them at the NTC Foundation

The Quarter

The term quarter has many meanings.

The “Quarter” on a navy ship was the space centered between the stern and the two beams or sides of the ship.

The “Quarter-Deck” was a place of gathering reserved for honors, ceremonies, training and drills. It was where people came together and shared memorable experiences.

At Liberty Station, The Quarter is where the community gathers. It is one part of a greater whole, unique to each user, and promotes connectivity and fellowship.


San Diego isn’t just a place, it’s a lifestyle. It’s an active community of sun worshipers, health nuts, yogis, and water enthusiast. In today’s society, people are desperately seeking open spaces that allow them to escape, relax and rejuvenate. Liberty Station provides guests with a variety of activities to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery, weather and location.

The heritage of Liberty Station is its NTC History. The sites rich naval roots is an authenticity that can not be replicated and should not be lost. Instead it should be embraced and celebrated. It is the foundation upon which we build the future and our connection to the past.

The NTC Park is the fabric that weaves throughout all Liberty Station, connecting each district and inviting guests to walk, explore, and learn.

The Neighborhood

Teach. Shape. Send.

Education has always been a defining principle throughout Liberty Station’s history, and it remains at the foundation of where it is today. Just as the NTC Shaped young boys into men, the education system at Liberty Station molds children into world leaders, innovators and the future generation.

Here at Liberty Station, we believe it isn’t enough to just teach, ultimately we must send our students out into the world to grow and make their mark. Therefore we strive to not only educate them but to shape them into well rounded and responsible individuals who will continue the NTC’s legacy of influencing the world for the better.

The residence at Liberty Station inspire and promote connection, walkability, and urban living. It is a place of the people for the people. A community where family and friends can learn, live, and serve one another, together. It is not just where San Diego resides, it is where it lives.

South Point

Liberty Station was initially constructed on a north and south access, however over time as the site has grown and evolved the boundaries have expanded. The hotel district is now the southern most region of the Liberty Station site.

Point. A subtle gesture to Point Loma but more importantly a reference to navigation. A compass doesn’t show an end but instead a point; A direction, a goal, and a destination.

South Point is the place to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy all that San Diego has to offer.

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