Inspired by the vintage “Large Letter” postcard art popularized during the 30’s-50’s, famed graffiti-turned-mural artist Victor Ving (as profiled in Conde Nast TravelerInStyleElle Decor) alongside his photographer girlfriend Lisa Beggs have embarked on a creative journey that has tapped into the minds of local residents, tourists and visitors through the creation of an interactive mural. As part of their Greetings Tour national road trip series, this mural is the modern interpretation of an iconic military postcard and celebrates Liberty Station’s naval history and recent resurgence as one of San Diego’s top destinations for art, life, and culture in the city.

Located in the heart of the former U.S. Naval Training Center at Building 22, the former Pump House currently sits empty, with a large to-scale Southwest-facing wall ripe for artist expression. As the canvas for the San Diego Greetings Tour stop, Liberty Station worked with the artist to create an illustration that connected the past, present, and future, celebrating Liberty Station’s history. The mural reads, “Greetings from the U.S. Naval Training Station,” mimicking the original card sold on base to new recruits looking to write home. After six days of hand-painting, the large-letter mural highlights the iconic visuals that encapsulate the history and significance of the city’s most-visited naval landmark. Offering a glimpse through time, the mural begins at Ingram Plaza with U.S. warplanes flying overhead, showcases the historical USS Recruit ship, travels through the ARTS DISTRICT barracks and arrives at the station’s modern landscape where Liberty Public Market and celebrated local businesses are repurposed into the original architecture. 

“Working at Liberty Station has been a unique experience for Greetings Tour as it’s the only mural we’ve done that been representative of a military base, not a city or state. Working in this historic neighborhood has allowed us to recreate images that tell a story while creating a backdrop for future stories that have yet to be told.” – Victor Ving, muralist, Greetings Tour founder 

Greetings from


U – Ingram Plaza

S – Ingram Plaza (cont)

N – USS Recruit

A – Barracks Arcade

V – Liberty Public Market

A – Main Entrance, Gate 1

L – Main Entrance, Gate 1 (cont)